How To Fill Your Gas Tank In The United States – Vocabulary

Let´s take a look on some conversation tips that you can use when you fill up your gas tank in the United States of America.

Step 1 – Stop at the gas station and pull up to any available pump.

Step 2 – Turn off your car and get out of the car.

Step 3 – In the United States you have to pre-pay for the gas before filling up.
You will probably need to go inside or to the kiosk and say you want to put some dollars of gas at pump number x (e.g.: 3 or 6). If you pay with debit or credit card, they will debit that amount and return your card, and then release the pump so you can gas up. It is the same procedure if pay cash.

Gas station

Let´s see some common expressions

  • Hello, 5 dollars on number seven please. Thank you.
  • Hi, Can I put 5 dollars on pump number seven please? Thanks.

If you are prepaying by cash and want to fill the tank, you give the cashier an amount of cash that is likely more than it will cost to fill the tank and, once the tank is full, you go back and the cashier will refund your overpayment. Or, if you don’t want to be bothered with a second trip, you just give the cashier a set amount of money and say you want to purchase that amount of gas, e.g.: $20 (but in that case, the tank will not be full).

If you are paying by credit card, most pumps are automated so that you simply insert the card at the pump before you start pumping gas. Once you finish, the correct amount will be charged to the card and you can obtain a written receipt from the machine at the pump (or inside from the cashier if the machine is out of paper).

Step 4 – Remove the gas cap from your vehicle.

Step 5 – Remove the nozzle and insert it securely into the gas tank opening.

Select the grade of gasoline (Diesel, Unleaded, Plus, and Premium.), press start and pull the trigger on the pump to activate the gasoline.

When you are done, remove and replace the nozzle.

Recap your vehicle gas tank to its place and twist it closed until it clicks a few times, then close the door to the gas tank.

You are done. Get in your car and leave the gas station.

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