How to order a drink in The USA

Knowing how to order a drink is very important for your vocabulary when you have lunch, when you have dinner, or when you go out in the United States of America (USA).

This lesson will help you become more comfortable when ordering drinks.

“A Campari with soda, please”.

The expression “I’ll have” is the secret key.

I´ll have a beer (if possible be specific; like “I´ll have a Corona, or I´ll have a Budweiser“)

I´ll have a glass of wine.

I´ll have water.

I´ll have a glass of red wine.

I´ll have a pint of red beer.

I´ll have a diet Coke.

I would like a rum and Coke, please.

I´ll have a Pepsi.

We’d like a jug/pitcher of beer.

I’ll have a bottle of beer.

I´ll have a whisky.

Can I have another beer?
We’d like another round please.

I’ll have tequila this time.

A Jack with Coke, please.

I´ll have a glass of white wine.

A polite way to order a drink:

Always, be polite.

Say something like “May I please have a [drink name]? Thank you.”

e.g.: May I have a Diet Coke, please?

May I have a Beer?

May I get a shot of Jack Daniel’s?

Liquor Always First

When you order a mixed drink, you must name the liquor first.

e.g.: Jack and Coke, Gin and Tonic, Rum and Coke, Tequila Sunrise, etc.

I´d like a glass of red wine, please.

Don´t forget to tip

In the US, you should leave 10%-20% of the bill total as a tip.

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