Modal Verbs: Should / Shouldn´t / Ought to

Should is used to give advice or to talk about what you think is right or wrong.

Tom should sleep better
You should sleep better

You should do something = It is the right thing to do something, or it is a good thing to do something.


– Mark is getting asleep at work. He should sleep better.

Peter looks tired. He should go to bed.  

– Star Wars is a great movie. You should see it.

– Should I tell her the bad news?

You shouldn´t eat pizza

You shouldn´t do something = it is not a good thing to do.


We use shouldn’t to advise not to do something, usually because it is wrong.

Brad shouldn´t eat pizza if he wants to lose weight.

Kate watch YouTube videos all the time. She shouldn´t spend so much time on YouTube.

Shouldn´t you inform him of the price increase?

I think… should…. ( I think is a good idea…)

I think Mary should leave that job.

I think I should practice my conversation skills.

Another way to say should is ought to.

Ought to sounds more formal than should and is used less frequently.

–  I think Robert ought to buy new shoes.

You ought to study more.

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