Phrasal Verbs with Get (Transportation Vocabulary)

There are four main verbs which are used for different types of transport (phrasal verbs with GET).


get in a car

to enter a car, taxi, van, train, etc. (small vehicles)

You can also use “Get into”.

get in a car

get in a taxi

get in a van

get in a truck

get in the small boat (canoes or rowing boats)


get ouf of the car

This is the opposite of get in.  You get out of taxis, vans, trucks, and cars.

get out of the car

get out of the taxi

get out of the van

get out of the truck


get on a bicycle

You get on large vehicles like trains, buses, planes, and boats. But you also get on bicycles and horses.

get on the bus

get on the train

get on the plane

get on the ship

get on the subway

get on -larger boats-

get on the bike

get on the motorbike / scooters

get on the horse


get on a plane

This is the opposite of the verb to get on.  

get off the bus

get off the train

get off the plane

get off the ship

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