Saying Hello vs. Saying Good-Bye

A quick guide to learn how to greet people in English.


Saying Hello

Person 1) vs. Person 2)

1) Hi, Tom. How are you?

2) Great, thanks! How about, you?

1) Hi there… (or Hello there, or Hey there)

2) Hey, What´s going on?

  1. 1) Hi, I´m Nick. What´s your name?

2) Nice to meet you. My name is Paul.

  1. 1) What´s up?

1) Long time no see.

1) Look who it is!

  1. 1) Howdy (or how do you do?)

2) I’m good, and yourself?

  1. 1) Good morning, Paul. How´s it going?

2) I´m just fine, Mary. Thank you.

  1. 1) Good evening, Mr. Taylor.

2) Hello, Jim, how are you doing?

1) I’m O.K., thank you.

  1. 1) How are things?

2) I´m very well.

  1. 1) Morning! (A more casual way of saying “Good morning”)

2) It is good to see you.


  1. 1) See you tomorrow, Michael.

2) Bye, Mrs. Tamer

  1. 1) See you later, Matt.

2) Bye-bye, Sarah.

  1. 1) Good-bye. Have a good one.

2) Thank you, you too.

  1. 1) Good night, Morgan.

2) Good-bye, Ms. Peters. Have a good evening!

  1. 1) Bye now! Have a good one.

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