How to Use What and Which in Questions

Let´s learn how to use what and which in different situations.

What: is used when there is an unlimited choice (lots of possibilities).What + noun

What color is your shirt?

What time is it?

What is used for general questions.

– What car would you like to buy?

– What is the capital of Australia?

– What are you doing?

What color is your shirt?

Which: is used where there is a limited choice (fewer possibilities).  

Which + noun (things or people)

Which bus did you catch -the 8 or the 9-?

Which lawyer did you see -Dr. Dohan or Dr. Jill-?

Which is bigger Asia or Africa?

We use which without a noun for things, not people.

Which is bigger Africa or Asia?

Which is better Nike or Adidas?

Which beer do you prefer, Heineken or Guiness?

We use which when we have a limited option. Which for choices and limited groups.

Among these five jackets, which is yours?

Which beer do you prefer, Corona or Budweiser?

Which browser do you use, Google Chrome or Internet Explorer?

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