English Vocabulary at the Airport

When you travel or flight, you may face to many different challenges. One of them it is to speak English at the airport.

Going to an airport and flying on a plane can be stressful and scary.

Even if you know a lot of English, it may be difficult to understand all the new words you will hear in airports.

A great tip, it is to learn the proper English vocabulary to feel confident next time you take a flight. 

1. When you arrive at the airport, you have to look for your terminal.

The terminal is divided into an arrival lounge (arrivals) and a departure lounge (departures).

Arrival refers to an incoming flight and departure refers to an outgoing flight.

2. When you get into the airport one of the first things to do is to check your luggage. This means that you give your bags to the staff of the airline so they can put it into the plane.

Luggage (n): The cases and belongings of a traveler.

The opposite to checked luggage is your carry-on luggage, this is the one that you can take into the airplane.

Departure Lounge

3. After you check in is done you have to go by customs and then look for your gate.

Once you arrive at your gate, you have to wait until the boarding call.

You can also check for your flight on the information monitor. This monitor shows flight times, and if a flight is boarding, delayed, closed or on time.

Then you show your boarding pass to the airline staff and get into the airplane.

Baggage claim: It is the place where you collect your luggage after the plane arrives.

4. When you arrive at your destination, you might be asked this at inmigration or passport control (this is place where officials check the documents of everyone entering a country). You will get questions like this:

– What is the purpose of your visit? Business or pleasure?

– How long will you be staying in the United States?

– Can I see your return ticket, please?

Thank you, enjoy your stay.


Common vocabulary

Luggage / Baggage: Bags or suitcases.

Baggage Claim: The place where passengers pick up their bags after the plane lands.

Boarding Time: The time that passengers are allowed to get on the plane.

Boarding Pass: A ticket to board the plane.

Customs: The place in the airport where bags are checked before you are allowed to enter a country.

Gate: A place where passengers wait to board the plane.

Passport: An official document that proves a person´s citizenship.

Stewardess – Flight attendant: A woman who takes care of passengers on the plane.

Aisle: the empty walkway between rows of seats on the plane.

Take off: when the plane leaves the ground.

Delayed: when a flight is postponed.


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